Julia Bastuscheck, Conductor

Julia moved to Bend in September 2009 after retiring from a 21-year career teaching beginning strings and orchestra in Juneau, Alaska.  She currently teaches at the Cascade School of Music, where she is conductor of the Desert Sage Orchestra, a string ensemble for developing musicians, and is an instructor of the Awesome After School Orchestra program.  She also has a growing studio of private viola and violin students.
Julia received her B.A. in music at Western Washington University, where she studied viola with Charmian Gadd and chamber music and orchestra with Barton Frank.  She enrolled at the University of Washington in 1985 to complete her teaching certification, and studied viola and chamber music with acclaimed violist Paul Coletti.
Besides playing with the Central Oregon Symphony, Julia also plays in the North State Symphony in Chico/Redding, CA, and flies up to Alaska to play with the Juneau Symphony.  She performs regularly with the Proteus Chamber Players, a diverse ensemble of fine local musicians including her husband, Nathan.



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